We are hitting the ground,
the heat of this place,
is just like swimming in a lake of fire,
What a beautiful sound,
is right on my neck,
is it you who is groaning?

Lights are turning off
and turning on,
We are fated to do the same,
you are dancing around,
Through the beat of the night,
baby is just my perspective,
You are meant to be with me...

Let me find a place where we can tear apart our skin,
then we can live our lives at full velocity...

A lift...
falling down,
but nobody cares too much,
They are watching through a fogged glass,
The existence of time
is a limiter of minds,
And that is the saddest truth for everyone,

You gave me wings i can fly with,
to the very top of my falls,
Let me reach a little bit of
you and then leave me here,
break me down,
Cut my wings off,
Make me bleed from tears,
You gave me wings,
Now you can go,
But before that...

Touch me,
and make me feel numb,
Touch me,
and make me yours.


from From Outer Space, released October 10, 2013



all rights reserved


HIPPIDONS Ciudad Autónoma De Buenos Aires, Argentina

From Outer Space

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